About Beaver Creek Farms

Beaver Creek Farms is a small, mixed farm in the rural community of Thornbury, Ontario. 
Who we are

We are a small, family run farm that uses best ethical practices to raise hens for eggs, and lambs, pigs, chickens and turkeys for meat.  We grow hay for sale and for feeding our own animals.  We are not a petting zoo. We welcome customers and expected guests, but please don't drop by unannounced just to look at the animals.

Events for Life Centres Inc.
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Beaver Creek Farms is host to Events for Life Centres Inc, which operates out of the century farmhouse on the property.  For more information about this important organization and the work they do with community members with special needs please follow this link:

Mike and Alicia Hutchings

After spending his career managing engineering firms in Canada and abroad(Mike) and a career as an accountant (Alicia) we decided to settle in Thornbury.  Our small farm is a work in progress that represents our desire to do right by the land, the community and the animals in our care.  Many thanks to those who are steeped in the knowledge of all things farming, and have been so willing to share!

Our pets and mascots

Not all of our animals are destined for the food chain!  Our cats keep the mice out of the barn, our donkeys (Diana, Katie and Moe) frighten away the coyotes, and the Alpacas keeps the sheep safe and give us super soft yarn.